Fastener Connections are fast becoming a leader in global supply circles. We proactively promote bespoke solutions that are geared towards meeting the requirements of our customers.


VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

We adapt our solutions to meet the requirements of our customers. This is a bespoke service, not one size fits all. Systems range from simple bin restocking programs (Two Bin System) to customer pulled demand using BAR Code wireless technology. We can integrate customer electronic forecasts and respond with real tine information guaranteeing maximization of your manufacturing capacity. Every on-site person is empowered to make a difference to our customer. Resolving supply issues in a dynamic way.

Supply Chain Management

Consumer demand and the continuing challenges of global economics have encouraged our customers to move towards the benefits of a single service provider across the range of Class C commodities. Our skilled and experienced team relish the opportunity to provide our clients with cost reduction proposals for both direct and indirect costs. We can offer tailor made programs incorporating the management of distribution, on-site support and lean manufacturing guidance. This will lead to our customer achieving improved efficiency and contributing to their success in the world market.

Global Support

Wireless bar coding technology, linked to our Tribune YT Software, enables us to deliver solutions across International borders ensuring the maximum leverage of your purchasing power.

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